Classes We Offer
Creative Movement:
  • Specifically designed for younger students, Creative Movement is an introduction to dance and teaches basic dance steps as well as how to learn in a dance class
  • Classes will stretch, learn their right and left along with dance basics
  • Students will get to use their imaginations while dancing with props
  • Students will perform in both of our recitals at the beginning of the evening to family friendly music

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Suzy Snowflake
Creative Movement Class
  • Classical in style our ballet class is very traditional with roots in the French, Vaganova, Balanchine and Cecchetti methods. Our primary method is the Cecchetti.
  • All classes will begin with stretching, soon followed by barre work
  • Working at a barre allows the student to target one side of the body at a time as well as maintaining balance while conditioning
  • Barre work will be followed by jumps, turns, kicks, and leaps
  • Technical terms for movement will be taught as defined by the "Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet" by Gail Grant
  • Classical, Christian, and Family Friendly music will be used
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Jingle bells
Competition level ballet

  • Dancing will be kept clean
  • Each Class will start with a warm up and stretch, including isolation work
  • Basic techniques of turns, jumps, kicks, and floor work will be taught
  • Family Friendly and Contemporary Christian music will be used

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What Christmas Means to Me
7-9 Jazz dance

  • Each Class will start with a warm up and stretch
  • Basic techniques of tumbling, flexibility, limbering, balances (such and handstands) will be taught
  • Classes will perform a dance routine at each recital and Christmas show showcasing their acrobatic skills

Attire for classes
It’s important for dancers to wear clothing that is comfortable to move in while still enabling them to see their body lines. Jazz pants or tights will protect the legs from sticking to the floor in floor work. In order to execute proper turns, dancers need to be able to see where they are going. Wearing a ponytail or bun (for those with long hair) gives your student the best opportunity to succeed in class.
Creative Movement
  • Creative Movement Dress (see Dancewear Shop for details)
  • Light tan tights
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Solid colored leotard and tights
  • Shorts, skirts or jazz pants can be worn over leotard and tights
  • Tan jazz shoes/turner shoes
  • Hair should be worn in a ponytail off the face or in a bun
  • Solid colored leotard and tights
  • Can also wear ballet skirt
  • Pink leather ballet shoes
  • Hair in ponytail or bun

  • Fitted White Shirt
  • Black Jazz Pants
  • Black shoes for ballet and/or jazz

All shoes as well as other dance wear options are available on our Dancewear Shop page or for order at A Time to Dance.

Competition Teams
Competition Teams will attend two dance competitions as well as dance in a Christmas show and recital. We will go to competitions held in West Memphis, AR, Memphis, TN or Little Rock, AR.
For More information about our competition teams please contact Mrs. Elizabeth at mrselizabeth@atime2dancestudio.com 

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Silent Night
Ruby Competition Lyrical

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